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2017 — Our 25th Season is Here!
We want to thank all our supporters and attendees for helping us have a successful 24th season. Our current season will start in June of 2017. This season will feature a brass ensemble piece written by a local compose, Sean Beachey, to commemorate out 25th anniversary. If you subscribe to our email alerter (over on the right side), we will let you know what the season’s concerts will be and when (or view them over on the right!). We look forward to seeing you at our current concerts and again next year! We have added information for donating directly from an IRA that offers many benefits to the donor to our web pages. If you are 701/2 or older and have an IRA, you can use your minimum distribution as a contribution as both a tax-free and base-valued contribution!

Music at Penn Alps is a summer mostly classical series of Saturday evening concerts with a dash of traditional several nights in the series. Most of these informal concerts are held in the Great Hall of Penn Alps (pictured), which is part of the Penn Alps Restaurant and Crafts Shop complex. The complex includes the Spruce Forest Artisan Village. In addition, we have some concerts in the Spruce Village Chapel each year — it is handicapped-accessible.

The first concert held in the Great Hall of Penn Alps was in January of 1993. The Boston Pro Arte Chamber Group performed in a ceremony dedicating the Hall to Dr Alta Schrock, founder of Penn Alps and The Spruce Forest Artisan Village.

The concert was so well received and the acoustics of the Great Hall were so good that Dr. Schrock and Dr. Jon Bauman, Professor of Music at Frostburg State University, decided to organize a concert series to complement other activities at the Penn Alps complex. And so the Music at Penn Alps festival was born. Jon Bauman became Music Director and remained so until March of 1996, when he resigned and Fred C. Bolton became Program Director.

The festival was originally managed by a “Music at Penn Alps Committee.” The Committee benefited from the nurturing support of both Penn Alps and Spruce Forest. Penn Alps provided a name, a venue and financial support. Spruce Forest provided an office and administrative support. In 1997 the original Committee was transformed into the present non-profit corporation and a Board of Directors replaced the Committee. Incremental changes have professionalized the administration of the organization.

These administrative changes have not significantly altered the concert series. The programs remain primarily classical, with the focus on chamber ensembles and recitals. Each year at least two programs explore different genre of distinctly American popular and folk music. Artists are drawn from a worldwide pool of musicians and the festival continues to present local and regional performers.

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If you were looking for the Penn Alps Restaurant, it is physically next to our Great Hall concert venue.  It has its own web site at: http://www.pennalps.com.

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Fred Bolton Memorial Fund

Fred Bolton died January 4, 2014.  He was president of Music at Penn Alps for many of our 21 years.  His family has asked that in lieu of flowers that you instead contribute to the scholarship or general fund of Music at Penn Alps.  We have provided a link to an obituary and comments about Fred. Music at Penn Alps will have a memorial concert in honor of Fred during the next season — if you subscribe to our updates (on the right of this screen), we will notify you when that memorial is scheduled.

The board of Music at Penn Alps recognized Fred with a position as President Emeritus upon his retirement.  We will continue to think of Fred as we continue, hopefully, with help from others who remember Fred fondly.

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How to apply to perform
Send applications to Music Director, P.0. Box 668, Grantsville, MD, 21536.

Applications are accepted at any time, but must be in by early fall of the year preceding the concert season for which you wish to be considered. (Ex: for concert summer of 2018, submit application no later than Sept of 2017.)

Include a standard resume and photo, illustrative program and performance history with venues, CD and any other material deemed pertinent.

Please state any limitations on dates available.

Selections will generally be made in the fall of the year preceding the concert season for which you are applying. In no cases will selections be made later than the end of that calendar year.

Include self-addressed and stamped envelope for return of application.

Information on the area and availability of services for performers can be obtained here.

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