How to apply to perform
Send applications to Music Director, P.0. Box 668, Grantsville, MD, 21536.

Applications are accepted at any time, but must be in by early fall of the year preceding the concert season for which you wish to be considered. (Ex: for concert summer of 2012, submit application no later than Sept of 2011.)

Include a standard resume and photo, illustrative program and performance history with venues, CD and any other material deemed pertinent.

Please state any limitations on dates available.

Selections will generally be made in the fall of the year preceding the concert season for which you are applying. In no cases will selections be made later than the end of that calendar year.

Include self-addressed and stamped envelope for return of application.

Information on the area and resources is available. Please request that by email.

To securely send contracts by email, we suggest using MiniLock. This is a free plugin/extension for Chrome browsers or may be downloaded as as application at Our public key is 24cD14zdrTtcpN8mv3yUAtzCp3MBqKTWCymtNa1dqmZdvK — using this, you can send us a scanned pdf or other document with social security information, etc. with the assurance that only we can decrypt it.   Create your document using any tools, encrypt it using MiniLock and plug in the above public key as a recipient, and send the file to us!

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