Jean Miller, Administrator of the MAPA Scholarship Program

Jean Miller, Administrator of the MAPA Scholarship Program

2014-15 Students from 3pm session. Left to right, front to back: Evan Shadel, Conner Wolford, Malea Fullerton, Piper Wilt, Emma Craddock; Paul Zimmerman, Max Summerfield, Adrian Gibbons, Caeden Chapman, Abbie Craddock, Brynne Hartung, Sara Sechler

2014-15 Students from 1pm session. Left to right, front to back: Katie Weimer, Dakota Bittinger, Lydia Nelson, Levi Custer, Elijah Mason, Robert Moffett; Rebekah George, Kayla Lowdermilk, Silas Custer, Trinity Hillegas, Emily Brobst, Amberlee Miller

Scholarship Recital Students for 2014-15 11am Session: Left to right, front to back — Shayla Bender, Madeline Baker, Noah Richards, Caleb Zimmerman, Charles O’Boyle; Maria Salinas, Emma Townsend, Carl Zimmerman,Jaylyn Wilt, Claire Raesly, Shawn Zimmerman; Hanna Livingston, Micah Ludwick, Seth Higson, Sara Huelskamp, Chloe Richards, William O’Boyle,Tyler Corwell

Music at Penn Alps, through the Private Lessons Scholarship Fund, offers scholarships for private music study to students served by Music at Penn Alps; i.e., those in the general area whether in Maryland, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia. The intent is for these scholarships to be available to students who otherwise might not be able to study privately. Awards are made possible by a grant from the Community Trust Fund’s Naylor Family Trust Fund. A student recital for all scholarship recipients is held at Penn Alps in the spring.

Total attendance at the three recitals was 192! This is our second year of splitting the recitals into three sessions — this was required because of expanding the scholarship program.

The program is supported by a grant from Lon Naylor and the Allegany Arts Foundation. Lon was present for the first two sessions and indicated his pleasure at the success of the program in reaching so many local students.

Music at Penn Alps may be able to put you in contact with a teacher for your student.  While we do not endorse teachers, we do have many contacts including teachers for current and past students as well as classical and traditional musicians and conductors in the area.  If you need help, please contact us here.

Students who are interested should contact Jean Miller. An application can be prepared by clicking here.

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