How to obtain tickets
Please note that you may make an additional donation as well as purchase tickets, hence the Donate button below. If tickets are for a performance in the next couple of days, please indicate the concert you plan to attend in the comments box then print and bring your receipt or tell the ticket person you have tickets on hold. Credit card purchases of tickets may also be made at the gift shop for Penn Alps at any time.

For Grantsville tickets, please use one of the following options. When your on-line purchase is complete, please print the acknowledgment and bring it to the concert.

  • Individual Adult Tickets (under 19 free)

    Your total amount is : 15.00 (Currency: USD)

  • 10-Ticket Package

    Your total amount is : 120.00 (Currency: USD)

  • For the GLAF/MAPA August 8th New York Duo concert in Oakland, the best way to get single tickets is to use this: Order GLAF Tickets.

Tickets are not dated and may be used at any time during the year purchased.

Pre-purchased Music at Penn Alps (MAPA) 10-pack tickets may be used at the joint Garrett Lakes Arts Festival (GLAF) and MAPA New York Piano Duo concert August 8th. GLAF has reserved seats for our 10-pack purchasers. Single tickets purchased here or at the door will be $19. Seating for 250 is available for this concert, but GLAF and MAPA are expecting it to be well-attended.  Please be sure to purchase your ticket early for individual tickets!

Tickets for all other MAPA concerts may be purchased in advance by credit card or cash at:

  • Penn Alps Restaurant and Craft Shop, Grantsville, MD

Single and 10-pack tickets will also be sold at the door or may be purchased by mail.
Write to:

Music at Penn Alps, Inc.
P.O. Box 668
Grantsville, MD 21536

A note about seating: There are no reserved seats. To guarantee a seat, ticket holders should arrive at the venue no later than 7:15 PM.

Questions? eMail us or call 443-414-3955